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We united the analysis of game profiles with the help of machine learning of GG-Robot and protection of all types of in-game purchases from GG-Guard. We are GGRocket!

GG-Robot Armory Analysis

1. Every time you teach GG-Robot something new, it will give you the GG-Token cryptocurrency as gratitude. GGT can be exchanged for dollars on the exchange or spend on the game currency, items, and services.
2. GG-Robot will analyze your in-game profile and give an advice of what kind of service you need and where to buy it safely.

In order to get your reward in GGT, teach the robot something new!

Teach GG-Robot!
If you enter a link to any game profile of World of Warcraft player. GG-Robot will tell you what achievements / items and with what probability were purchased. GG-Robot will also show what achievements or items this player lacks.
1. By analyzing your profile, you'll see what else you need to get.

2. The marketplace can see what other services the buyer needs and can make him even happier by offering exactly what is needed.

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GG-Guard escrow service

​Stream analysis helps to make in-game trade safely.

GGRocket ecosystem

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